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Tesso Nilo Flying Squad

Tesso Nilo National Park (TNTN) is a lowland tropical forest located in the Central of Sumatra, Riau Province. Its officially became a National Park since 2004, Tesso Nilo has been presented managed by Riau Natural Resources Conservation Agency, they are protecting this small package of forest among huge amount of palm oil and acacia plantations.

Sumatran Elephants

The conflict between animals and humans has threatened the population of Sumatran elephants and Sumatran tigers lives in the park. These animal population has become endangered as the park is a critical habitat for well over 100 elephants that represent around 10% of all remaining Sumatran elephants in the wild, Last report we have around 300 sumatran elephants and 70 tigers live in the wild of 85.000 Hectares total area of the Tesso Nilo National Park. The increasing numbers of human activities around and in the forest, like land clearing for development, ranging from settlements, oil palm plantations expansion, rubber plantations, industrial forest plantations and other development activities have resulted in changing the function of the forests that were originally is the elephant and tigers habitat.

These event is not beneficial for the elephant population and will greatly affect the population size and animals survival level in the future. According to Primack et al. (1998) the main threats to biodiversity caused by human activities are habitat destruction, habitat fragmentation, and disturbance to the habitat. Several factors that’s threaten the elephant population, were killing and poaching.

Sumatran Tiger

Tesso Nilo National Park forest quality has extremely decreasing due to encroachment, illegal logging, and forest fires, more than 50,000 ha of forest have been lost, this situation certainly threatens the survival of elephants and tigers in the wild so that wildlife conflicts continue to increase, for example the Sumatran elephants in the park often enters the surrounding forest community to look for food, the herd sometimes destroy plantations and houses owned by residents on their way

Therefore, to anticipate the impact of the conflict, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry cooperates with other Stockholders to solve many challenges in and around Tesso Nilo, one of which operates the Elephant Conflict Mitigation Team known as the Flying Squad, the Team is a team that Using human-elephant conflict mitigation techniques by empowering trained elephants to drive out the herd wild elephants that came into plantations or community settlements, this is the first one and only implementation in Indonesia.

Palm oil companies around the park have committed that they will no longer accept / buy palm fruit that is planted inside the park. In addition, Tesso Nilo NP Agency is also involved in supporting the development of economic alternatives for local communities to produce wild honey which is called “Madu Sialang Tree” and “Madu Trigona”

You will find something different and new experience patrolling around the TessoNilo National Park, could do Jungle Trekking or more treat by Elephants. You will witness various of activities supported by Tesso Nilo National Park Agency, so take a moment with our activities and spread your time in nature.

You can follow the activities of the Flying Squad team and their elephants, Nature tourism on the Nilo river, see wildlife tracks, see reforestation activities and participate in planting forest plants in the Tesso Nilo National Park and see the production process of sialang honey when you have enough time.

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